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We are the solution for crypto analytics.
Gain a trading edge on the market with TokFlow and be ahead of the game.
Trending soon
Analyze on-chain data, trading volumes, number of holders, market cap, and social metrics to discover tokens that could be trending in the near future.
Money Flow
Identify real and fake volume, research balance on exchange and address as well as discovering the long-term and short-term holders.
Whale Analyst
Get access to a list of prominent sharks to view their transaction history and more detailed information such as profits, total assets, total value, average buying/selling price.
Smart Money
Track smart money which are money flows having the ability to move the market and trace down wallets whose actions greatly affect the price.
Why use TokFlow?
Dissect Data
Dissect on-chain metrics and provide accurate, timely and unbiased data
Improve your crypto trading strategies and investment
Gain Insights
Gain insights into the overall behaviors and get a leg up on the competition
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